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TriChlor News

May 06, 2009:

Release WinVNKey 5.5.456 for NT/2K/XP. This version provides complete support for smart Vietnamese typing, spelling correction for multiple Vietnamese words, smart macros, and Han Nom

March 08, 2005:

Release WinVNKey 5.0 for NT/2K/XP. This version features smart Vietnamese typing, Vietnamese spelling correction, smart macros, and complete Han Nom support

January 14th, 2003:

Release WinVNKey 4.0 beta3 for NT/95/98/ME. This version supports all Vietnamese character sets known so far as well as other well known national character sets. It also introduces preliminary support for Han Nom typing.

October 27th 1998:

Announce new project WinVNKey 3.0 to support Unicode

October 1st 1998:

Release WinVNKey 2.0. This version features a VISCII-compliant keyboard driver for Windows 95/98, Windows NT and Windows 3.1


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