About The TriChlor Software Group

Email: winvnkey@gmail.com
URL: http://trichlor.sf.net
Address: 3388 Burgundy Dr.
San Jose, CA 95132, USA
Fax (408) 281-7140

About the TriChlor Group

TriChlor was formed in 1992 by volunteers who were devoted to integrating Vietnamese to existing computing environments. The group has developed and distributed for free quality utilities, codes, libraries to support the VISCII character set (VIetnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange), which was designed by the Viet-Std Group in 1992. TriChlor members are spread world wide and communicate via TriChlor's private mailing list trichlor@haydn.stanford.edu or trichlor@netcom.com. This is where we can be contacted if you would like to pitch in and help.

TriChlor membership is normally extended to those who support the VISCII standard and have demonstrated significant contributions to TriChlor cause.

What Vietnamese character set does the TriChlor Group support?

The TriChlor Group supports the VISCII standard character set designed by the Viet-Std Group in 1992. It also supports MacVISCII, a superset of VISCII. It does not support any other Vietnamese character sets.

TriChlor Public Mailing List

TriChlor maintains a public mailing list for end-users and programmers alike to post questions, discussions, or suggestions, etc. This list is "trichlor-talk@haydn.stanford.edu", which is identical to "trichlor-talk@netcom.com". You can get on the mailing list by sending a message to
with the body message:
       subscribe trichlor-talk

Copyright Policy

All TriChlor software products are copyrighted by individual authors and the TriChlor Group, respectively. All rights reserved. You may copy, distribute, and use the software for any purpose, as long as you do not charge a fee for doing so, and include this copyright notice. Commercial or corporation usage or distribution requires prior consent from us. All software is provided "as is", without express or implied warranty.

All software is generally provided free of charge as copyrighted freeware (that means you can have it for free and make as many copies for as many friends as you like, but we reserve the copyright in order to prevent unauthorized modifications and to prevent people from selling it to unsuspecting users---we want to keep the freeware free).

Under all circumstances individual author's copyright prevails where there is conflict with TriChlor's.

All information on this Web site is copyrighted by TriChlor.

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