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This website is no longer actively maintained because VISCII development has come to an end as Vietnamese Unicode has taken over all 8-bit Vietnamese character sets, including VISCII. However, the site is still available to provide information about VISCII and VISCII-compliant products released by the TriChlor Software Group in the 1990's.

Although the group concluded its historic mission in providing free 8-bit Vietnamese software when Vietnamese computing was in its infancy, the development of WinVNKey has never stopped. WinVNKey, first released in 1992, has evolved to a powerful multilingual keyboard driver for Windows and has a special website at

About Us

The TriChlor Software Group is a nonprofit group that promotes the development of free Vietnamese VISCII-compliant software and fonts for Dos, Windows, Unix, X-Windows, and Macintosh.

The group was formed in 1992 by volunteers who were devoted to integrating Vietnamese to existing computing environments. The group has developed and distributed, for free, high quality utilities, codes, libraries to support the VISCII character set (Vietnamese Standard Code for Information Interchange), which was designed by the Viet-Std Group in 1992.

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